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Featured Speakers

avatar for Osman Nurković

Osman Nurković

Minister of Transport & Maritime Affairs, Montenegro
avatar for Rossen Jeliazkov

Rossen Jeliazkov

Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications
avatar for Saša Delipagić

Saša Delipagić

Deputy Minister of Transport, Bosnia and Herzegovina
avatar for Artan Skhreli

Artan Skhreli

Deputy Minister of of Infrastructure and Energy (Albania)
avatar for Angelina Zivkovic

Angelina Zivkovic

State Secretary of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Montenegro
avatar for Michael G. Dreznes

Michael G. Dreznes

International Road Federation
Executive Vice President
avatar for Nenad Nikolic

Nenad Nikolic

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Regional Advisor, Sustainable Transport Division
avatar for Vlastimir Golubović

Vlastimir Golubović

Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro
avatar for Igor Vušanović

Igor Vušanović

University of Montenegro, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
avatar for Aleksandar Žurić

Aleksandar Žurić

President of the Board of Directors
avatar for Marissa Burkett

Marissa Burkett

Senior Business Analyst
avatar for Mücahit Arman

Mücahit Arman

Turkish Roads General Directorate (KGM)
Deputy Director General
avatar for Jaap de Koning

Jaap de Koning

European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Association
Chair of Internal Market Committee
avatar for Donald Mishaxhiu

Donald Mishaxhiu

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Associate Director
avatar for Alain Baron

Alain Baron

Transport Community
avatar for Nina Elter

Nina Elter

Vice President, Global Market Development
avatar for Entela Ruci

Entela Ruci

Government Relation Representative
avatar for Marius Damachi

Marius Damachi

Romanian Automotive Register
Head of the Type Approval Department
avatar for Michele Frizzarin

Michele Frizzarin

Franchetti Group
Research & Development Manager
avatar for Tom Antonissen

Tom Antonissen

International Road Federation
Senior Advisor
avatar for Jan Filipovsky

Jan Filipovsky

Country Manager
avatar for Philip Wijers

Philip Wijers

Sensys Gatso Group
Director of Government Affairs
avatar for Benoit Rossi

Benoit Rossi

Director Business Development & Marketing
avatar for Dirk Schönauer

Dirk Schönauer

Managing Director
AVS Verkehrssicherung
avatar for Eirini Kastrouni

Eirini Kastrouni

Transportation Consultant, Denco Transport Engineers Ltd.
Research Associate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,...
avatar for Walter Nissler

Walter Nissler

Chief, Vehicle Regulations and Transport Innovations Section
avatar for Astrit Nasufi

Astrit Nasufi

General Directorate of Road Transport Services, Albania
Head of Vehicles Registration Department
avatar for Brendan Halleman

Brendan Halleman

International Road Federation
Vice President, Europe & Central Asia